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Photovoltaic in Market Parity

Climate neutrality in the EU by 2050 and the milestone for a reduction of at least 55% of the greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 pushes toward a major revolution in the energy market.

With the approval of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for the years 2021-2030 (PNIEC), Italy has defined that by 2030 the amount of energy from RES (Renewable Energy Sources) in final gross energy consumption will have to be equal to 30%, giving a huge boost to the construction of new photovoltaic systems. With the approval of the national recovery and resilience plan (PNRR), our country has identified the “green revolution and ecological transition” as the main mission to invest European funds in the Next generation EU program.

HQ | Engineering Italy has a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in the renewable energy market and develops on the entire national territory authorizations of Photovoltaic Power Plants in “Market Parity” both in agriculture and industrial areas.

HQ | Engineering Italy is focused to the constant technological and regulatory changes, adapting the projects to the requests of partners and customers represented by national and international investors: development of “Agro-photovoltaic” plants, combining the photovoltaic panels installation, with the continuity of land use for agricultural production, areas dedicated to energy storage systems, projects aimed to the development of Renewable Energy Communities. HQ in the last two years has developed authorizations for medium voltage photovoltaic plants for a total power of over 80 MW.


Lands searching and surface rights subscription

Urbanistic, legal and technical feasibility analysis

Prior checking of grid and connection availability

Quote request for grid connection (TICA)

Electrical and civil design

Management of authorization process (A.U., PAS, PAUR, V.I.A.)

Topographic survey, cadastral activities

Works management and safety coordination

Some projects developed by HQ | Engineering Italia
Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 2,7 MW
Municipality of Menfi

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 5,3 MW
Municipality of Naro

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 3,0 MW
Municipality of Carentino

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 4,5 MW
Municipality of Alessandria

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 5,0 MW
Municipality of Troia

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic power station – 5,4 MW
Municipality of Salemi