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Since 1999 HQ Industrial Assets has embarked on a path of corporate development, approaching the various industrial sectors focusing on innovation through a solid organizational structure with significant investments in research and development

During the course of the first twenty years of life, HQ has been able to start and increase the value of our investments in HomeOnline Web and Sun System SpA while at the same time dedicating resources and further investing capital in the start-up of Towernet, Green City and Italian Way. We are focusing on a future in which it will be possible to reduce the incubation period of startups and increase synergies among companies, with particular focus on improving the EBITDA / turnover ratio.

The holding company is structured around the objective of allowing an optimization of the financial management of the various operating companies, each of which is characterized by different needs and utilization of its working capital.

To date, the totality of the Start-Ups incubated in the HQ Industrial Assets group have reached the expected profitability within the second year of life. The sale of these companies took place exclusively when it was deemed no longer strategic for the group compared to the overall convergence plan between the Internet telecommunications and energy, or when the sector they belong was considered dangerous for regulatory reasons.

Holding HQ | Industrial Assets

The scheme of the Holding HQ | Industrial Assets